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Checklist: Preparing for a Pressure Washing Project

Before embarking on a pressure washing project for your property, it's essential to make proper preparations to ensure a smooth and successful operation. This checklist will guide you through the necessary steps to get your property ready and protect it from any potential damage during the pressure washing process. By following these steps, you'll be able to achieve the best results while maintaining the safety of your surroundings.

1. Clear the area and remove obstacles:

Start by clearing the area around your property that will be subjected to pressure washing. Remove any debris, toys, outdoor equipment, or other items that could obstruct the cleaning process or potentially get damaged. Ensure that all pathways are clear and accessible for the pressure washing equipment.

2. Cover delicate plants and outdoor furniture:

Protect your delicate plants, flowers, shrubs, and outdoor furniture from the forceful water streams and cleaning solutions used during pressure washing. Cover them with tarps, plastic sheets, or specialized covers to prevent any damage. Secure the coverings properly to ensure they stay in place during the cleaning process.

3. Close windows and protect electrical outlets:

Before the pressure washing begins, close all windows and doors to prevent water from entering your property. This step is crucial to avoid water damage to the interior. Additionally, cover any exposed electrical outlets or outdoor lighting fixtures to protect them from moisture.

4. Secure pets and inform neighbors:

Pressure washing can be a loud and potentially frightening experience for pets. To keep them safe and calm during the process, secure them in a quiet area of your home, away from noise and activity. Also, consider informing your neighbors about the pressure washing project to minimize any potential disruption or surprise.

5. Communicate with professional pressure washing services:

If you've hired professional pressure washing services, it's important to communicate your specific requirements and expectations. Discuss any areas of concern, such as delicate surfaces, stains, or specific cleaning solutions you prefer or need to avoid. Provide them with access to water sources and electrical outlets if necessary.

Blog FAQs about Pressure Washing

Welcome to our blog! In this post, we'll be answering some frequently asked questions about pressure washing. Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, understanding the ins and outs of pressure washing can help you make informed decisions when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your property. So, let's get started!

Q: What is pressure washing?

A: Pressure washing is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other unwanted substances from various surfaces. It is commonly used for cleaning exterior surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, decks, fences, and buildings.

Q: How does pressure washing work?

A: Pressure washing works by forcing water at high pressure through a specialized nozzle. The force of the water, combined with the appropriate cleaning solution, helps to break up and remove dirt and debris from surfaces. It is an efficient and effective method for deep cleaning and revitalizing various surfaces.

Q: Is pressure washing safe for all surfaces?

A: While pressure washing is generally safe for most surfaces, it can cause damage if not used correctly. Softer surfaces like wood and certain types of siding may require lower pressure settings or additional precautions to prevent damage. It's always a good idea to consult with a professional pressure washing service to ensure the proper techniques and pressure settings are used for each specific surface.

Q: Can pressure washing remove stains and mold?

A: Yes, pressure washing is highly effective in removing stains, mold, mildew, and other types of surface contaminants. The high-pressure water, combined with the right cleaning agents, can efficiently remove these substances from various surfaces, restoring them to their original condition.

Q: Can I do pressure washing myself, or should I hire a professional?

A: While there are pressure washing machines available for personal use, it's often best to hire a professional for several reasons. Professionals have the expertise and experience to handle different surfaces and know which pressure settings and cleaning solutions to use. They also have the necessary safety equipment and insurance coverage to protect both themselves and your property.

Q: How often should I have my property pressure washed?

A: The frequency of pressure washing depends on several factors, such as the type of surface, the climate, and the amount of dirt and grime it accumulates. As a general rule, most properties benefit from an annual pressure washing to keep them looking their best. However, heavily trafficked areas or surfaces exposed to excessive dirt or mold may require more frequent cleanings.

Q: Are there any environmental concerns with pressure washing?

A: Pressure washing can be environmentally friendly when done correctly. Reputable pressure washing professionals use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and employ practices to minimize water waste and runoff. They also adhere to local regulations and guidelines to ensure environmental responsibility.


Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your property is essential, and pressure washing can play a significant role in achieving that. However, it's crucial to hire a professional pressure washing service that understands the intricacies of the process. GreenWay Pressure Washing, a leading provider of professional pressure washing services in Cherry Hill, NJ, offers unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and eco-friendly practices to deliver exceptional results.

By choosing GreenWay Pressure Washing, you can trust that your property will be in the hands of experienced professionals who will ensure thorough cleaning without causing any damage. Our team is well-versed in handling different surfaces and will use the appropriate pressure settings and cleaning solutions to deliver outstanding results.

Don't compromise on the cleanliness and appeal of your property. Contact GreenWay Pressure Washing today for all your pressure washing needs in Cherry Hill, NJ. Experience the difference between professional pressure washing and giving your property the care it deserves.

For more information about GreenWay Pressure Washing or to get a free quote for house washing, pressure washing, power washing, roof cleaning, paver cleaning and sealing, rust removal, and window cleaning, visit our or call us at 856-512-0008. We strive to be the best pressure washing in Cherry Hill, NJ. You can trust GreenWay Pressure Washing to always provide satisfaction and guaranteed pressure washing.

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