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What Surfaces Can Be Power Washed Securely?

We wrote this message to reply to all the questions typically asked about whether particular products or surfaces can be power washed. Keep reading to find what you can and can not power wash securely.

Can You Power Wash Vinyl House Siding?

Yes. Power washing companies clean plastic residence exterior siding much quicker than scrubbing it by hand. It is an excellent idea to wash plastic home siding with a power washing machine, nonetheless, the machine needs to continuously be operated by a knowledgeable or skillful user.

Can You Power Wash Light Weight Aluminum Siding?

Yes. Lightweight aluminum tidies up superbly with the help of a power washing machine. You need to still wage caution although lightweight aluminum is a harder surface than plastic. Using the stress of a pressure setup can damage or remove paint on aluminum residence exterior siding, so you need to take care.

Can You Power Wash Stucco?

Yes. Stucco is a much softer material than plastic or lightweight aluminum, yet it can be stress cleaned. We clean stucco with a soft-wash method that uses specialized cleaners to do a lot of the work. We after that use a light yet appropriate stress from the power washing machine to wash away contaminants.

Can You Power Wash Brick?

Yes. Due to the reality that brick is permeable, algae as well as additionally different other contaminants saturate right into the brick residence house exterior siding and even start to gnaw at the mortar or concrete. Soft washing brick is a safe approach to not just restore its look but keep it secured.

Can You Power Wash Concrete?

Yes. Concrete, like brick, is absorptive like a sponge. In time, dirt, crud, and a range of various other contaminants saturate right into concrete surfaces, producing stains. Using safe stress, power washing is a fantastic method to clean the pores of the concrete to ensure that it looks brand-new.

Can You Pressure Wash Pavers?

Yes. You can securely power wash pavers to remove dirt and other impurities on the surface. Loosened up sand might chip away due to the power cleaning procedure, yet to have the joints re-filled is sensibly economical.

Can You Power Wash Roofing?

No. You can not power wash the roof covering. Tiles are incredibly soft and pressure should not be made use of when cleaning. However, a service can be safely utilized to get rid of any type of existing algae, moss, or lichens. Utilizing a power washing add-on that permits our solution to spray the roof at the comparable stress you would obtain from the normal garden hose, we manage many roofings every year.

Can You Power Wash Windows?

Yes. You can use a power washing device to clean house windows, nonetheless, absolutely nothing beats a microfiber towel and squeegee. When power cleaning house windows, you need to make certain not to get water under the house window.

Can You Power Wash Furnishings?

Type of. Some outdoor home furnishings can be power cleaned, yet merely with light stress. We do not clean exterior furnishings because of the reality that the risk of damages is high.

Can You Power Wash a Vehicle?

Yes. You can make use of a power cleaning machine to clean your vehicles, however, beware. You never desire to make use of high pressure on your car because doing so will definitely drive contaminants right into the topcoat. It's ideal to wash the car initially with a hose to get rid of the larger impurities.

Can You Pressure Wash Rugs?

No. A carpet scrubber is a better alternative to washing carpets. If you power washes your carpets, you can harm it.

Can You Power Wash a Fridge?

No. We would not recommend power washing a refrigerator, as you can get rid of the paint. The much better option would be to use a quality all-purpose cleaner followed by disinfectant bleach.

Can You Power Wash a Grill?

Sort of. You can use a pressure washing machine to clean a grill, nonetheless, it's not going to be straightforward. It can be done, however, to anticipate some hand rubbing with a steel brush. Also, watch out for the cleaner you are using as you will be using the grill to prepare food.

For more information about Greenway Pressure Washing or to get a free quote for pressure washing, window cleaning, roof cleaning, and/or Christmas light installation, visit our website at or call us at 856-512-0008. We strive to be the best pressure washing service in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. You can trust Greenway Pressure Washing always to provide satisfaction-guaranteed pressure washing service.


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