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What am I seeing on my outside siding?

Seeing a tarnish on your residence siding dominates, especially without routine upkeep on your residence. Part of the reason discoloration is so typical on home siding is that there are a number of various types. In this article, our purpose is to detail the type of areas most normally found on the side of your house along with what often tends to develop them.

Common Stains on Exterior Siding


Dirt is one of the most conventional discolors you will definitely see in your residence. There are lots of manners in which dirt links itself to your home siding, a few of which are triggered by the parts. For instance, if there is a bad tornado with a lot of wind, loosened dirt and mud can be blown through the air in addition to ending up on your home. The other way around, you can also get dirt to end up on the outside of your house siding while you are landscaping or something comparable around your residence.


If you are seeing green stuff on your residence house siding, mostly situated on the northside of the residence, it suggests that algae have actually connected itself to your home siding. Algae is one of the most normal developments that house proprietors will see on their residences. The beginnings of algae on exterior siding are not always clear, yet one of the most normal sources comes from bodies of water. As an example, Lake Erie houses algal flowering that is worsened by sewage systems along with drainage into the lake. This air pollution permits the algae to feed and grow, which it will certainly do as soon as it becomes airborne and starts to affix itself to and feed off the dirt on your home siding. While algae will not cause any type of architectural problems, it can mount itself right into the siding if it is not expertly pressure washed.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew based on house siding are triggered by the accumulation of moisture on the house siding. The possibility of mold and mildew growing on home siding increases when the dampness comes from an area of your house that obtains little to no sunlight. Like algae, mold and mildew feed off dirt that is currently on the exterior siding. Both molds in addition to mildew are fungus, nonetheless, they have numerous wants. Mold is mostly green or black in the shade while mildew tends to range from white to yellow. Mold and mildew have to particularly be eliminated as a result of the health and wellness risks it presents.

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